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Leather Designer Circle strip Decorative Wall Tiles

Leather Designer Circle Strip Decorative Wall Tiles

AUD 100.00

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Leather Designer Circle strip Decorative Wall Tiles are designed with different concepts. This Circle strip Wall leather tiles are designed with concept of Circle strip. These Leather wall tiles can used to enhance your room, office, showroom, bed room, your home with add designer sense.

Leather Designer  Circle strip Decorative Wall Tiles are designed with symmetrical Circle strip look. Backed with MDF sheets with Hooks at back to ready to hang on walls.


  • 100% Real Leather Tiles
  • Wall Decoration
  • Decoration for walls, offices, showroom, on wall, behind bed and many more to enhance and add spice to your thoughts and living areas.
  • MDF backing


  • 16 inches  X 16 Inches
  • Approx  40.5 cm X 40.5 cm